GTK Prototyping

3D Rendering / Mock-Up

Developing our clients' concept products in a virtual environment—prior to 3D printing or CNC machining—enables our engineers to save wasted resources, and pass those efficiencies directly to our clients. And because Greytruck! has the capability to 3D render in-house the gap between ideation and prototype production is eliminated, and our clients need not manage multiple partners in the early stages of product development.


Concepts are brought to fruition in plastic and/or metal by the our engineers and machinists—with speed and precision using state-of-the-industry software and equipment. 3D printing is executed in-house which drastically reduces time-to-market by empowering our clients to make critical decisions without delays caused by managing multiple early-stage pre-production partners, which often prevents crippling downstream problems—while drastically shortening time-to-market.

CNC machining is performed within our group's underground network of partners, with whom our team has collaborated over a decade, and has enabled Greytruck! to deliver prototypes and short-run product without delay or incident. Our tightly-knit CNC network further enables us to extend to our clients impossibly-low prototyping costs, attributed to significant reduction of our direct overhead—which is the fundamental concept of 3PL.

Case Studies

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