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Our Mission

Since 2010 we have dedicated the entirety of ourselves to supporting our clients' brands. And that's no easy task, because a company's brand is far more than just a logo. But to understand what we mean when we refer to ourselves as 'brand guardians' it's fundamental to understand exactly what brand really is.

What is a brand?

It's not a logo, that's for sure—despite what advertising/marketing agencies may claim. 'Brand' is not a thing. It's an abstract concept—a collection of senses—composed of one's thoughts, and feelings, and emotions for something. That something may be a Corporation's product or a governmental agency's service. That something, by virtue of deliberate efforts, may be associated with a logo, a symbol, or a tradename—or likely all of these things. The function of that thing—the logo, symbol, or name—is to stimulate and induce one's collection of those emotions, and feelings, and conceptions, and bring them to the forefront of one's awareness at that point-in-time. And there is a name for that abstract collection of those deeply personal senses: BRAND

Now that we have identified what brand is it becomes clear just how difficult a Greytrucker's job really is. Unlike simply changing a logo's color or renaming a service—which is immediately recognizable—affecting brand requires extreme dedication to consistency and cooperation with the unchangeable pace of time. And in the end: we can only prepare the stage and make every effort to ensure consistent interaction by-and-between those users and those products and services—which also includes their interaction with those folks sworn to provide the needed support for both entities. Because in spite of all of these carefully-mapped considerations, hard work, and dedication, brand is ultimately derived by and solidified within one's own heart and mind.

Therefore, brand guardians must do whatever it takes to ensure safe delivery of those products and services—as well as the promise and intended message(s) of the upstream collective...

and to be there should something along the way fall short.

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