GTK Government Ops

CAGE Code 7B8Z2
SBA-SBC 000700378
CAO-ADP S1002A-HQ0338
ARIBA AN01021172086
DUNS 031527917

Our broad NAICS and PSC makes Greytruck! your gateway to a wide range of systems, services, and solutions. These codes enable government clients to tailor services to meet specific needs while utilizing Greytruck!'s world class capabilities. Detailed service information is provided in PDF format below.

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  Code Service Certification
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services SBA-SBC
541512 Computer Systems Design Services SBA-SBC
541513 Computer Facilities Management SBA-SBC
511210 Software Publishing SBA-SBC
541330 Engineering Services SBA-SBC
541420 Industrial Design Services SBA-SBC
541430 Graphic Design Services SBA-SBC
561910 Packaging and Labeling Services SBA-SBC
493110 General Warehousing and Storage SBA-SBC
323117 Books Printing SBA-SBC


  Code Class Scope
AJ97 R&D - Gen Science & Technology Commercialized
D302 IT & Telecom Systems Development
R706 Support Management: Logistics
AJ27 R&D - Gen Science & Technology Commercial Computer Sciences
AJ25 R&D - Gen Science & Technology Operational Systems Development
AJ95 R&D - Gen Science & Technology Operational Systems Development (Other)
R702 Support Management: Data Collection
D307 IT & Telecom IT Strategy and Architecture
D306 IT & Telecom Systems Analysis
D317 IT & Telecom Web-Based Transactions
R499 Support Professional: Other
R708 Support Management: Public Relations
R799 Support Management: Other
B544 Special Studies / Analysis Technology
B513 Special Studies / Analysis Feasibility (Non-Construction)

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