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Custom Software and Applications

We engineer and deploy systems to leverage the full power of our clients' data, thereby enabling clients' users to meet and exceed their mission objectives with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Because our Company's operations are managed within our own bespoke governance framework—the Greytruck! Intelligence Management System (GTIMS℠), which deploys explicit analytics roles, accountabilities, and decision-making authorities to adjust operational trajectories in real-time—we are able to do so with confidence. Our GTIMS framework leverages data generated via inbuilt analytics by associating those data directly to achieved strategic objectives, and provides quantitative measures of operations for external data analytics initiatives.

GTIMS (commercialized FY2014,Q3) is paralleled by a FY2015 initiative to develop its next-generation iteration: a version specific for government access, wherein federal and state agency users will remit & maintain RFQ/P/Is, monitor in-process contracts, and manage their GTK GovOps(SM) account.

Commercial Business Service

Greytruck!'s capabilities expertly address the entirety of the data-analytics spectrum from delivery of traditional business intelligence products, through advanced analytics services, to forensic exploration of novel schemata & development of bleeding-edge products required for their handling.

Education and Community

Greytruck! provides on-site guidance and training services to clients—in addition to hosting an environment at OCP designed for developing and evaluating new technologies and training the Company's next generation of coders & its future engineers.

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