GTK Supply Chain Mgt (3PSCM)

Third-Party Supply Chain Management (3PSCM)

We are a Customer-Developer type third-party logistics services provider (Tier 3) providing support and applying our collective intelligence to fundamental areas of our clients' business processes, which larger Tier 1 & Tier 2 3PLs simply cannot provide.

Management of our clients' supply chain puts on us the assurance of quality and timely delivery of raw materials, sub-components, and consumables—which, in turn, frees our clients to focus all of their local resources on executing their core business. Shifting the responsibility to Greytruck!, and trusting that we will always expertly perform and deliver with class and perfection, is key to our clients' growth—and it is why they choose Greytruck!.

Case Studies

3PL Service Plans

Identifying the right 3PL service partner is crucial to ensuring the integrity of your brand & message.
Companies and agencies choose Greytruck! when there is no margin for error.


  • 1 Warehouse
  • 800 ft2
  • Priority Docking
  • 1 Assigned Agent
  • 100 Shipments /mo
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  • 1 Warehouse
  • 2,500 ft2
  • Dedicated Dock
  • 2 Dedicated Agents
  • 500 Shipments /mo
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  • 2 Warehouses
  • 5,000 ft2
  • 24/7 Priority Docks
  • 1 Dedicated Foreman
  • 750 Shipments /mo
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  • 3+ Warehouses
  • 9,000+ ft2
  • 24/7 Dedicated Docks
  • 3 Dedicated Foremen
  • 1,000+ Shipments /mo
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